Monday, April 2, 2012

Optrix HD i-Phone Camera Mount. Good idea, poor design...

A few months ago a sales rep from this company called Optrix came into the store wanting to talk to our buyer about selling his product, which looked like some sort of mount for your i-Pod or i-Phone. When he pulled the item out of the box I got pretty excited about it, I have been wanting to buy a GoPro Helmet Camera for a while now but it's a little out of my price point. I do own an i-Phone and have wanted to shot video footage with it. I thought this mount might be the solution. I asked the rep if he had a sample mount that I could try. He said not with him but he could bring me one another time. Three weeks later he came back in the store and brought me a sample to try. I was super stoked, until I started trying to use it. the mounting hardware on the case falls out very easily, when you finally are able to mount it on your helmet it is extreme heavy and weighs you down, and the putting the phone into the case is know easy task. The idea is really cool and the unit only cost $89.99 and is pretty much unbreakable. But the hardware to assemble it is a pain in the ass, and you can only attach it to certain parts of the bike. Definitely a good idea they just need to work out the kinks...:)

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