Monday, September 10, 2012

Teva Links All Mountain Shoe-Nice to look at and fun to ride in

Looking for the right Mountain Bike Shoe's can be as frustating as looking for meaning in the show Jersey Shore. There are so many choice's out there even Carrie Bradshaw would be overwhelmed.
Most people after purchasing a bike for the first time in a long time, are already overwhelmed by the bike itself, and then when they get confronted with question of wanting Shoes they sometimes get a little glazed over. In the 8 years that I have worn mountain bike shoes I have gone through every different kind, from the super soft beginner shoe to the super stiff Cross Country Race Shoe, and each pair worked like they were supposed too...:)

A few months ago the Teva Shoe Rep came into my previous employers shop and asked me what shoes sell best at that store, I told him that the store catered more the Road Cyclist. But named some other local shops where there shoes would sell well. The rep was very informative and asked me if I wanted to demo a pair of there new All Mountain Cycling Shoe, I without hesitation said yes. The shoes arrived a couple of weeks later and I began testing them out, trying them on my mountain bike, my street bike and my dirt jumper. The colors on the shoes are so loud I thought I needed bubble pants to go with them. But the shoes overall were awesome, the Spider365 Rubber Sole Compound is super sticky no matter what bike you are on these shoes stick to the pedals like glue, and although they feel a little bulky on me they are comfortable and can be worn anywhere...:)

Pricepoint wise there not to bad either, they retail for $110.00, which is a pretty good price for a All Mountain shoe.

Con's they are not compatiable with Clips, but if you are someone who is a Downhill Rider, Freerider, Urban Rider, or just want a pair of shoes that are not clip in shoes but really stick to the pedal, these shoes are perfect.

Teva Links All Mountain Shoe

Me Product Test The Teva Links Shoe On My Friend Dan's Pumptrack in Mill Valley, CA..

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